Landing page copywriting

Great landing page copywriting delivers on the following fundamental elements:

  • Shortens journey from click to conversion
  • Follows up on “promises” made an ad source
  • Speaks to user motivation and addresses barriers
  • Answers important questions & creates clarity
  • Creates a clear path to the conversion goal
  • Headline: Message match. Capture attention. Trigger dopamine.
  • Benefits/features: Present important information. Emphasize the value of your offer. Trigger dopamine.
  • Credibility: Make the content trustworthy. Answer questions. Mitigate cortisol.
  • Expectation manager: Ensure users know what to expect. Mitigate ambiguity. Avoid disappointment / negative reward prediction errors.
  • Call-to-action Make users click.

Landing page design

When it comes to landing page design, what comes first? Design or copy?

  1. Headline
  2. Images / Video
  3. Features / Benefits
  4. Credibility
  5. Expectation Manager
  6. Call-to-Action

Product Messaging

The copy might be the most important part of your website, so it makes sense to conduct a conversion-focused teardown with a method around it.



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